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Sleep Consultancy

At Bump and Baby Guru we believe in gentle sleep solutions which are family centered.


Without adequate sleep it is difficult to be attentive to your child the way you would like to be and sleep is imperative in the healthy development of baby's mental, physical and emotional well being (as well as the parents!)

Our sleep advice and packages focus on improving your child's sleep through providing step by step sleep plans, continuous one-to-one support and educating you on the science behind sleep to effectively empower you to manage your child's sleep.

Knowledge is power after all. 


Here are just some of the areas we cover:

  • Embedding healthy sleep habits from birth to regulate baby's body clock

  • Support with safe co-sleeping

  • Reducing/eliminating night feeds

  • Phasing out unsustainable sleep associations

  • Handling longer term sleep issues in tricky toddlers